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Friday, December 11, 2009

Leaked Report Highlights Treasury 'Failings'

Treasury: "If you've got disposable income, you're not paying enough tax"

The Government has promised to hold a full public inquiry into 'lamentable failings' by the Treasury, after a leaked report indicated that a number of middle-class working families still had some disposable income left.

The announcement comes just 48 hours after the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, published the Pre-Budget Report which nationalised all salaries except those of Parliamentarians in order to reduce the National Debt and fully-fund Commons expense accounts.

The report, from the Office of National Statistics, claims to have identified around 50 families, all of whom are believed to be on middle incomes, who were reportedly able to go on 'a night out' two weeks after their payday.

A Treasury spokesman said, "this is a very worrying development, and requires full investigation. The idea that someone middle-class might be able to go for drinks at a bar, followed by a meal with wine, is prima facie evidence of Tax Avoidance, which as you know was outlawed by the Eyebrowed One in the PBR.

"Everyone knows that such niceties as disposable income are privileges reserved solely for Members of Parliament and those on benefits - anyone with a job should just shut up and hand it all over. If you're able to indulge in such profligacy as meals out, you're clearly a middle-class toff".

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thespecialone said...

The trouble is....they REALLY do believe that!

Bill Sticker said...

Another good reason to emigrate.