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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am hugely ill - quite possibly the illest man still alive on the planet right now. In fact, it's only down to the grace of {insert your deity of choice here} and my skill at tiddlywinks that I wasn't carried off this very morning by the Grim Reaper himself.

But as I'm a man, I'm not wallowing in my near-death experience. Oh no. Instead, I took myself to the doctor, who's diagnosed sinusitis. Which shows that he's clearly a poorly-trained, halfwitted fool. Anyone can tell that I have some xenomorph-esque parasitical creature lurking in the back of my head, ready to burst out through my nose in a gruesome splash of blood, brain matter and snot. Or I have Ebola of the Face. Google is undecided.

Anyway. Blogging may be a little intermittent while I'm waiting to shuffle off this mortal coil - not that there's any less rage, but that my horrendous and tragic illness makes looking at a screen painfully uncomfortable and rather nauseating*.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

*Imagine watching Gordon Brown speeches on infinite loop and you get the idea.

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Sprogller said...

Do get well quickly, or else you will miss that full horror of the greatest con trick ever foisted on the world.
I am already getting the defences ready to keep the world at bay.
Roll on Jan. 4th

Ted Treen said...

Get well soon, and have a really good (and peaceful) Christmas & New Year with Mrs Geek & Geeklings...

von Spreuth said...

Go to Copenhagen. I can tell you from experience, that the worlds BEST cure for sinusitis, is a good dose of C.S gas.

(Army basic training, sinusitus, and NBC training week).