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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gilette Launch New Men's Fragrance

Woods' fragrance: 'hardly the best a woman can get'.

Men's grooming specialist Gilette have announced a new range of after-shave products, to be fronted by golfer and celebrity philanderer Tiger Woods.

Woods aftershave, named 'Scent Of Hypocrisy', is said to contain a unique blend of exotic ingredients including leather, broken radiator coolant, freshly-mown grass and the 'musky aroma of an aroused mistress'.

A Gilette spokesman said, "this is the perfect aftershave for the modern bastard. It combines a smooth presence with an underlying unpleasantness, almost completely masked by a veneer of pleasantry. I personally was one of the test subjects, and within a week of wearing it I'd had illicit affairs with two waitresses and a nightclub hostess".

The range, which the marketing tagline says is 'hardly the best a woman can get', is due to be launched on Monday December 8 in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

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