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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cyber-Bullying Initiative Launches

Cyber-bullying - a growing online problem

Social networking sites, Internet Service Providers and computer manufacturers have today launched a joint initiative to act against the growing problem of 'cyber bullying'. The announcement comes amidst growing calls for Government action to deal with the problem, and new plans to add 'internet safety' to the Primary curriculum.

A spokesman for social networking site Facespace said, "we recognise, as responsible businesses, our share of the duty in solving what is reportedly a major problem. While we would argue against legislation that will in effect attempt the impossible task of censoring the internet, we believe our suggestion offers a good way for children to avoid the problems caused by online bullying and other issues".

The initiative, which comes in the form of a hardware device tentatively named an 'Off Switch', is to be launched on all computer hardware from December 31. Pressing the 'Off Switch' will, say experts, significantly reduce the risk of young people being exposed to online bullies and inappropriate material, and may also reduce potential targeting by paedophiles.

The hardware initiative is to be backed by additional education pamphlets, to be supplied to children through schools, including 'Turn That Crap Off And Go Play Outside', 'Act On Bullying - Punch The Fecker In The Mouth' and 'For Christ's Sake, Be A Responsible Parent Won't You?'.

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