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Monday, January 18, 2010

Shock at Gervais 'Humour' Attempt

Gervais: "Anyone know why I'm famous? Anyone? You?"

The producers of the Golden Globes awards have apologised to viewers after British twat presenter Ricky Gervais made a comment during the ceremony which could have been construed as funny.

Gervais, who shot to fame after writing and starring 'The Office' - a groundbreaking sitcom written to be the first ever deliberately unfunny comedy - and 'Extras', which was simply not funny, was the first Briton ever to host the awards ceremony.

There was shock and outrage in the audience when Gervais, a self-styled comedian renowned for normally having all the hilarity of tertiary syphilis, tried to make a vaguely amusing comment relating to Mel Gibson and alcohol.

Golden Globes producer Sleb Starfucker said, "we were disappointed by Ricky's performance. We were expecting his usual winning combination of fake self-deprecation, supercilious arrogance and annoying smug grins showing those irritating pointy canine teeth that just make you want to stove in his pretentious face with a breezeblock.

"To be honest, we were hoping that he'd just do the dance - which is about the only original or amusing thing the limey runt's ever done - but instead he tried to be a comedian. Honestly, if we wanted somebody to do jokes when they were presenting, we'd have hired someone who's been funny more than once in their entire pointless life."

Sky TV, who screened the Golden Globes ceremony live, also reported viewer complaints as a result of Gervais's nauseating fizzog showing up on Sky News every fifteen minutes pimping his execrable so-called 'presentation', which caused a 30% drop in viewer numbers.

Gervais was unavailable for comment as he was planning his latest bit of undeserved publicity, where he will be jumping a shark on waterskis.

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nbc said...

The telegraph's headline this morning was:

Ricky Gervais 'on fire' at he Golden Globes.

Sadly it didn't mean what I hoped it meant.