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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kepler Space Telescope 'A Partial Success'

Kepler: good at spotting large round things.

US Space Agency NASA have declared the new Kepler space telescope project 'a partial success', and have announced new developments for the future.

So far the telescope, which was launched last year to seek new worlds, has identified five new 'exoplanets', which have been named Kepler 4b, 5b, 6b, 7b and 8b. Kepler Project leader Voy Ure said, "while we're delighted with the resolution and power of the Kepler telescope, we do feel that there are some administrative elements that need sorting. It's all well and good discovering all these planets, but if we don't sort out a decent naming convention then the Universe is going to end up sounding like a minor British public school."

However, while the discovery of new planets has so far been a success, the project is currently being threatened by a series of lawsuits from women alleging sexual harrassment following the launch of Kepler in March 2009.

Reports that the court cases are due to the telescope identifying several 34C's when looking at Hawaiian beaches during the testing phase remain unconfirmed. Mr Ure refused to comment as the cases were sub judice, but added, "People need to understand that Kepler was designed to spot large globes from a distance. Hehehehe.....boobies."

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