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Monday, January 18, 2010

Billy Bragg Redux

So via Man Widdicombe, I learn that left-leaning songster Billy Bragg has been inserting his pointy proboscis into political affairs again, this time railing against banking bonuses.

There's always a lovely irony to taking Mr Bragg's lyrics and rewording them to a different political slant* - and having done it last year with 'A New England', I think today's Braggrant is worthy of another one.


These Labour Whores

Stalinist liars,
Fraudsters and troughers,
Traitors and warmongers,
These Labour whores,
Now every family,
Is taxed into penury,
To pay for the policy,
Of Labour's whores,

Even the unions, as times have got harder,
Can see how this government has screwed the working man,
Consigned for eternity, to the dustbin of history,
Is where they deserve to be,
These Labour whores.

I won't lose faith and I'll keep voting,
Not for the Clunking Fist but for a steady hand,
For theirs is a land of war 'twixt classes,
And mine is a trust in my fellow man.
Theirs is a land of debt and worry,
Mine is the liberties we knew once before,
Theirs are the lies and paranoia,
We're sick and tired of you,
You Labour whores.

Call up George Osborne,
Bring David Cameron,
Repeal the laws that tell us how to behave,
And I'll give my consent
To a Tory Government
That does not deny a man the fruits of his wage,

No more to tax-and spend, never vote Red again
Vote out these throwbacks from the days gone by,
Their ministrations
Have gutted this Nation,
Vote out this lot,
This bunch of Labour whores.

*Though I very much doubt Billy Bragg likes New Labour any more than he likes the Tories.

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