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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BREAKING: Terror Cops Arrest Two Former Ministers Arrested

Letter plot against Brown: A little bit of history repeating.

Two former senior Cabinet incompetentsMinisters have been arrested under anti-terror legislation today, following the uncovering of a plot against Dear Leader Gollum Jong Brown.

The Ministers, believed to be Patricia Bin Battedbithi Uglisitic Hewitt and Geoff Alwayas Bin Atwat Hoon, were arrested in Westminster following the discovery of a seditious letter threatening to stab the Leader in the back. Searches of the two suspects' premises has reportedly revealed new evidence, and there are unconfirmed reports that this may include Conservative Party membership cards. Police are are now in the process of identifying the other plotters, known as Sekrit Al Ballotgang, and it is believed that further arrests may be made.

So far, there has been no confirmation of rumours that Police are seeking a 'Mr Big' - a shadowy ringleader behind the coup plotters. Media pundits are pointing to the possibility of legendary eminences grises Pitr Mun Delsunni or Al Dharlin. Scotland Yard sources said, "let's face it, we've only arrested the minnows so far. These two are only the public face of the plot - the expendable pawns. There's no way either of them would have had either the brains or balls to plan and launch this sort of plot."

However, Downing Street have denied that the PM was under any real threat at any time. Gollum Jong Brown's closest felcher confidant, Ed Balls, said, "this dastardly plot is just a pinprick. Of course, the Prime Minister knew about it all along. We in fact sent a file to the intelligence services about the scheme a year ago, because the Dear Leader is infallible, and will get on with the job. As always".

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1 comment:

measured said...

" because the Dear Leader is infallible, and will get on with the job. As always".

Phew! We need someone to save the, sorry, the, sorry, their political career. What a load of hot air that attempted Hollywood style coup was, but it was needed if Labour are losing the initiative and the climate change mantra looks somewhat misguided.

I enjoy your posts as you appear to know so many personally, Dungeekin. Thanks.