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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Labour Party to Get New Name

Labour: Now officially TWATs.

The Labour Party has announced that it is to rename itself in the build-up to the General Election, after research showed that it is possible to get away with all sorts of things by changing your name.

The news comes as radical Islamic group Islam4UKOK was banned by the Government under counterterror legislation - the fourth name the group has had, two of which have already been proscribed.

Minister For Rebranding Lord Fondlebum of Fey said, "we have seen from the publicity success that Islam4UKOK's repeated rebranding has had, that by changing our name we can ensure that idiots the public can be convinced that we are a completely different organisation and thus increase our publicity. This also worked for us in 1997 with the rebranding to 'New Labour' - so we are sure that by relaunching with another new name we can ensure my our glorious thousand-year rule"

The rebranding, which will commence this Thursday, will see all uses of the word 'Labour' removed from the former Labour Party's stationery and publicity. Reports that the new name for the party will be The War Against Toffs Party remain unconfirmed.

No policy changes are expected as a result of the rebranding to TWAT Party. Gordon Brown is to remain Chief TWAT.

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