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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Obama Adds UK to 'Axis Of Lying Bastards'

Polygraph: PM will have to undergo lie-detector test before the US will believe a word he says.

Unconfirmed sources in the White House say that President Obama has added the British Government to his 'Axis of Lying Bastards', further damaging the already fragile 'special relationship' between the UK and United States.

The problems have arisen following two recent incidents where the Prime Minister, Gollum Brown, has briefed the press about his prescience and brilliance in foreseeing the attack by Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, only to have his version of events disproved within minutes.

Brown had claimed that his administration had passed a file on Mutallab to the US authorities over a year ago, a statement that was swiftly denied by the US Government and subsequently withdrawn by No. 10. This fresh revelation came swiftly after the PM had been forced to admit that he had not, as first stated, spoken directly with President Barack Obama about the intelligence.

While UK pundits have reacted with a complete lack of surprise that the monocular Jock halfwit was lying in his teeth in a desperate, and ultimately vain, attempt to look in the slightest bit competent, the US has been shocked. US Ambassador to the Court of St James, Louis B Susman, said, "we have had enough of that lying Limey fink. First he blames his own recession on us, now he's trying this bullcrap too?".

Downing Street sources strongly denied that the Prime Mincer was bullshitting at America's expense, though a spokesman did admit that the US would accept no further information or visits from Gollum Brown unless he underwent a lie-detector test on each occasion.

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banned said...

Does anybody really care what ghastly Gordon says or thinks anymore ?
Clearly Obama does not and will probably try to avoid him altogether until he is ousted at the election.

Terrence said...

Obama has come to a sensible conclusion at last,then?