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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shocking Images Show Inside of PM's Brain

X-Ray images showing the inside of the Prime Minister's skull. Note the lack of a brain.

Secret X-Ray footage taken in the House of Commons has revealed the reason behind Prime Minister Gordon Brown's erratic behaviour.

Experts believe the shocking injuries to be caused by a combination of factors, including aides trying to knock some sense into the PM and ricochets from thrown objects.

Psycho-Electric specialist Dave Voltresistor said that many of the Prime Minister's recent decisions could be explained by the embedded objects, explaining, "the likely explanation is that the metal is is causing short-circuits between the synapses, leading to erratic moods, occasional incontinence poor judgement and megalomaniacal episodes.

Mr Voltresistor added, "or it could be just that he's a complete fucking loon".

Shocking video shows the dramatic impact of brain injuries on the PM.

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Hacked Off said...

Very naughty, very funny. Probably true as well.

The Penguin