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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jade Goody: The Musical?

So apparently they're going to make a musical of Jade Goody's life.


They could call it 'Babe IV: Pig on the Telly'.

But I suppose it's a bit more money for Max Clifford the Goodys. No doubt they'll televise the auditions process. I'm sure Andrew Lloyd-Webber and John Barrowman would be delighted to help. They could call it 'Britain's Got Absolutely Fuck-All Talent'.

And, to help them along, I've made a start on some of the songs that a 'Jade' musical could use or recycle. Happy to help and all that.

From West Side Story: 'I Slagged Shetty';

How about a spot of The Jam, with 'And Now She's Underground';

By The Hollies: 'It Ain't Telly, It's Big Brother';

How about recycling from 'Oklahoma'? 'Oh, What A Beautiful Mourning';

Anyone have any other suggestions for songs? Stick 'em in the comments, I may even do lyrical parodies of the best suggestions.


Catosays said...

Born to 'die'...Bruce Springsteen

Catosays said...

You make me feel like 'vomiting'. Leo Sayer

Middle aged submissive said...

To the tune of He Ain't Heavy..

"She ain't clever, she's from Essex"

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Forget the singer but

'My boyfriend's back' in nick

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I weighed 'Sixteen Tons'

Rotting on a sunny afternoon

Anonymous said...

The last act could include another West Side Story song: I Feel Shitty.

Ampers said...

There are lessons to be had here. Lessons the politically correct brigade may not, on reflection, care for.

As I understand this, if you attack, in a racial manner, someone not of your race, colour or creed, you are a fucking hero - to paraphrase Michael Cane in the film "Too late the hero".

Bishop Brennan said...

Perhaps this duet...

Anonymous said...

na na na na na na na Hey Jade