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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MP's Vote for Extended Summer Recess

If they're on holiday, at least they're not making laws.

MPs have awarded themselves an extra-long break as from this summer, citing the highly stressful nature of their work as the reason.

Announcing the change, Speaker Michael Martin emphasised how difficult an MPs job was. He said, "MPs sometimes have to work from 3pm to 10pm, four days a week, and this is highly damaging to their work-life balance. The revised Recess period from this summer will ensure that Parliamentarians are returning to this chamber refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the onerous task of calculating their annual expenses claim".

Mr Martin added that the new recess was designed to fit around the reduction of Bills by this Government for the current Parliament. Originally, 18 were announced in the Queen's Speech, but this number was cut to 12 to allow the Government to focus on further bankrupting the country, then down to zero as of this week following the realisation that they've fucked up the country to the point that nobody wants them to touch anything any more.

From July 22 of this year, MPs will take a 50-week summer recess, returning to work on July 8 2010.

The news was welcomed by the general public in a straw poll by The Diary of A Geek, with the general feeling that the less time the incompetent, corrupt, troughing bastards spent devising new ways to screw with our lives the better.

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banned said...

Well that would explain Gordons plans for a daily attendance allowance; every day it is closed we save shedloads of cash. Brilliant.