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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Government Abolishes Itself in Error

Refuse workers remove the remnants of the Government for incineration.

In yet another display of astounding ministerial incompetence, and what has been described as an embarrassing administrative error' by civil servants, the Government has today abolished itself.

The original plan had been to replace 44 district and county councils with nine 'unitary authorities' and, in the words of Hazel 'Minnie Mouse' Blears, "to remove a layer of Government from the system and simplify administration".

However, a typing error when the document was drafted - which was missed by Ms Blears as, like other Ministers, she didn't read the document - substituted the word 'Government' for 'Council' - meaning that as of 0900 this morning, the Government is no longer valid, the Prime Minister no longer head of the Government (because the Government is no longer a valid institution) and the entire Civil Service redundant.

Spontaneous demonstrations of joy and delight have spread across London at the news that New Labour have, through their own incompetence, legislated themselves out of existence.

Ms Blears has apologised for the error, and promised new legislation to restore Government. However, political observers have pointed out that because the new rules have abolished Government in favour of local authorities, Ms Blears doesn't hold a position and is therefore not able to draft new laws.

Conservative Leader David Cameron was laughing too hard to comment.

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banned said...

Oh dear, is this all part of Count Mandelsons cunning plan to take over, using the Regional Development Agencies in the face of absent government, him being in the Lords with so many of his mates ?