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Monday, April 20, 2009

Charities Call for Better Mental Health Provision

An artist's impression of a typical Labour voter.

Mental health charities have called for a radical shake-up of community support provision, after a report released over the weekend showed that mental health issues in the UK are considerably more widespread than originally believed.

The calls come following the release of the latest ICM opinion poll, which showed that despite Smeargate, a monocular megalomaniac 'leader' who has delusions of being 'The Saviour of the World', a failing education system, a Home secretary who's a complete c**t and a collapsing economy, some 26% of eligible voters would still vote Liebore at the next General Election.

Eric Windowlicker, of the charity Nutcase Support, said, "we are amazed by this research, which shows that the problems of insanity, cretinosity, intellectual retardation and outright lunacy is still utterly rampant in 21st-Century Britain. More needs to be done to combat this awful scourge on our society".

Mr Windowlicker called for greater levels of support to those deluded enough to support Liebore in the community, including the provision of electro-convulsive therapy to anyone with a Labour Party membership card. He added, "a good few thousand volts to the head and testicles may not change their voting patterns - but it'll make those of us who are sane feel pretty damn good".

1 comment:

Bishop Brennan said...

There appears to be an unusual concentration of this mental illness in Scotland and Wales....

I suspect that, on grounds of simple human compassion, such poor souls should simply be put down...

wv: herse. Well, they might need a few more of those if my plan were put into action :-)