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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

London, England. 2009.

The image above links to the video at The Guardian.

Not a protester. Not throwing bottles, setting fire to mannequins or hurling insults. Just a man on his way home. Pushed, then attacked from behind and clubbed to the ground by a big, tough 'police officer'.

This is not Tiananmen Square. This is not the DDR. This is not Hungary, Czechoslovakia or any of the former totalitarian states.

This is London, England. April 2009.

This, dear Reader, is how far we have sunk.


According to Labourhome, what you see above is the fault of the Tories. Of course. So that's alright then, it's nothing to do with a politicised, power-crazed Met under the ownership of the Home Sec.


Clive said...

It really gets me worried that nothing seems to be done about the behaviour of the Police involved. It's worse than a group of drunks on a Friday night in the town centre.
And they get away with it time after time.

Ted Treen said...

Nearly 12 years of NuLab, and for far too long the Met were controlled by Ian Blair who was controlled by Anthony Blair, and increasingly politicised since then - under "Brains" Reid, The Straw Man, and now Standartenf├╝hrer Schmidt.

New Labour - New Cheka

banned said...

Mr. Tomlinson has already been smeared as unemployed, a drunkard, homeless and abandoner of his family.
On the plus side, after a full week of relentless media and blog pressure 4 or 5 police officers have fessed up to having been 'potentailly' involved; that's big of them.