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Monday, April 20, 2009

BBC's Robinson in Medical Miracle Marvel

Medical experts from across the globe are converging on London this week to study a medical miracle which has affected BBC Political Correspondent Nick 'Toenails' Robinson.

Doctors are meeting to study Mr Robinson and to identify the causes behind what seems to be the first ever recorded case of spontaneous tissue regeneration in medical history.

Physicians were astounded to note that in a 'talking-head' slot on the BBC Today programme this morning, Mr Robinson appeared to have grown a pair of testicles, enabling him to cast aspersions on the comments made on the Programme by Ed Balls MP.

Speaking at a hastily-convened Press conference, Dr Nick Brownfinger, Chief Proctologist at Guys' Hospital, said, "we are amassing as many experts as possible to examime Mr Robinson, as this truly appears to be a medical miracle. We were shocked to note that a man who is normally firmly embedded within the cloacal vent of whichever Labour MP is speaking should appear to have spontaneously grown a pair".

Mr Brownfinger added, "we will take nothing to chance, however. As part of our tests we will be monitoring Mr Robinson's future output to see if, against all medical knowledge and all the odds, he has also started to grow a backbone".


HeartAttackSurvivor said...

It's catching - even the ZNLograph is growing some:

Twig said...

Maybe Balls & Brown don't seem so scary to him without their pitbull?
They'd better get another one before their own pack turn on them.