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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Future G20 Summits to be Expanded

"OK, so Jacqui Smith's a minger, but she's got norks like this...."

Following criticism of the G8 and G20 formats, which are said to give the richest nations undue influence, future 'G' summits are to be altered to promote fairness.

Speaking at a joint Press Conference, US Messiah Barack Obama and Saviour of the World Gordon Brown acknowledged that the discussions held by the most powerful nations distorted the balance of power in the world, and that it was important for nations with a smaller bank balance to have influence on global decisions.

Saviour Brown said, "It is right and fair that those nations which do not wield fiscal power still have a significant and fair voice in global issues, in the interests of rightness and fairness. This is doubly important because Britain will soon be bankrupt and therefore right and fair that we still get a voice in the world, because we used to own most of it".

Messiah Obama explained, "in future, all summits of this nature will be called G-194 Summits, and will feature the head of state of every nation.Except Iran. And probably Zimbabwe, though I think Rob might be able to offer Gordon and I some good advice on quantative easing. So it's G-193. Oh, hang on, Gordon doesn't like Angela Merkel because she won't throw money at things. So it's G-192, and that's final".

The new format is expected to introduce complexities and cost to the summit process, so the next G-194 193 192 Summit is not expected to take place until 2050, and is anticipated to cost £10bn.

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