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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Budget 2009: Sheer Genius

Not a Budget for the 2010 Election, but for 2015.

So that's the 2009 Budget over with - as one person on Twitter described it, 'the shortest suicide note in history'. Sin taxes up, increased taxes on those who've worked hard enough to earn a good salary. Debt and borrowing levels that are so staggering, they simply beggar belief.

And yet - in my opinion, what this was was a very clever Budget indeed in political terms. Sheer genius, in fact.

Look at it from the perspective of the corrupt, mendacious bastards populating the Parliamentary Labour Party. They know - with total certainty - that come the next General Election, they are going to take the electoral kicking they so richly deserve. But they're not thinking about the next one - they're thinking about 2015, or perhaps even 2020.

This Budget did precisely NOTHING to cut the spiralling, uncontrolled borrowing and debt. In fact, by Eyebrow's own admission, national debt will rise to an astonishing 79% of GDP within the next three years. So they will lose in 2010, and the Conservative Party will have to make the hard choices.

The Conservative Party will have to increase income tax. They will have to make swingeing cuts to the public sector. They simply have no choice, if they wish to bring borrowing and debt to sustainable, reasonable levels. These next few years are really, REALLY going to hurt.

And as every hard decision is taken, as every Conservative Budget announces the next wave of cost-cutting measures, the Liebore Opposition will be there screaming, "Look at the Tories! Look at the 'Nasty Party'! The Tories are the party of cuts, of high taxation, look what they're doing!"

And - come 2015, the revamped, revitalised, re-imaged New New Labour Party will campaign on a platform of tax cuts, public-sector investment and 'prudent investment for growth'.

The really scary thing though - the bit that really terrifies me - is that they're likely to win. Despite the 1975-1979 economic damage AND the 1997-2009 fiscal destruction - they could win again.

Thinking like Liebore, and looking long-term - this Budget is sheer genius. God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, long before 2015 - in fact, perhaps in 2010, we'll have a touch of Romanian Democracy here in the UK - which will sort the current Labour Party out on a permanent basis.

Timbo said...

Thankfully, thanks to Gordon and Prudence, the UK has a low debt-to-GDP ratio. Far better than its European competitors.

So when we come out of this mess, we will be in better shape than the likes of Ireland, France, Germany etc., who are also borrowing billion upon billion to fix the roof that the banks dropped a bomb on.

banned said...

A poisoned chalice budget indeed.

Darling should be arrested for Finance Treason.

Bishop Brennan said...

Until now, I have taken issue with those who have advocated violence towards members of this regime.