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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Mr Twit

So apparently the Dark Lord of the Sith Foy and Hartlepool thinks Mr Twit is like Moses!

Bill Quango MP points out that as Moses had people wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years, that may not be totally inaccurate.

He also points out that as Moses had his Ten Commandments, perhaps we would like to come up with a current set of Commandments for our Dear Leader? Well, your humble Author couldn't resist the challenge.

The Ten (un)Holy Commandments of Mr Twit

1. I am the Lord your Gord, Thou Shalt have no other Prime Ministers after Me;
2. Thou Shalt not make nor Worship Fake Political Parties;
3. Thou Shalt not take the name of your Lord Gord in Vain;*
4. Thou Shalt not work on the Sabbath, nor any other day if on Benefits;
5. Thou Shalt not respect thy Father and Mother, and instead respect the Benefits Office;
6. Thou Shalt not Kill. If thou so doest, thou shalt get an ASBO;
7. Thou Shalt not commit Adultery - that's John Prescott's job;
8. Thou Shalt not steal votes from your Lord Gord;
9. Thou Shalt not bear false Witness, nor leaketh information as that's our job;
10. Thou Shalt not covet Ed Balls' arse. That's mine.

*That's me going to Hell then.

1 comment:

Bill Quango MP said...

Like it: I shall post 1-9 on the comments
10 is too rude for us , even if it may be true!

Actually, Ed Balls has been doing himself no harm at all recently, with his prompt statements and good judging of the publics mood.
contrasted with Gordon's hopelessness when any form of empathy is required,Mr Ed has improved his fortunes.
Maybe he is no longer the second most disliked member of the PLP?