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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thankfulness and Questions

I had planned to spend this evening poring over every detail and nuance of the Police response to the Home Secretary, compare and cross-reference it against the Statement made by Mr Speaker, then gleefully point out that Gorbals Mick's pants were on fire.

However, thanks to the sterling work of Louise Bagshawe on Conservative Home, that isn't necessary.

As I'm therefore saved from a dull evening of research, and thus in a good mood, I of course won't make any accusations, nor suggest that Mr Speaker is a buck-passing, foolish, incompetent buffoon, and that I trust the veracity and detail of his Statement to the House about as much as I'd trust a starved Bengal Tiger with my toddler.

So instead, I shall turn to more interesting subjects - to wit, the awesome wondrousness that is

I've been meaning to get some accurate stats going about the Blog - your (much-appreciated) comments got me wondering. So I registered with Sitemeter over the weekend, spent several days stressing about how I could be getting comments when Sitemeter said I had no visitors - installed the javascript I should have installed at the outset, then sat back to watch my stats.

Wow. I guess there's more of you than I thought.

I was particularly struck by the person who took the time and trouble - four hours, in fact - reading through all my archives. Thank you, whoever you are. I'm deeply flattered and I hope that you enjoyed the read.

So it's got me thinking - about how you came here, what you like about the Diary and, most of all, what you would like to see more of.

So, what I'd like to do is ask you all for a small favour. If you read this Blog, please would you take a couple of moments to post a Comment in reply to this post, letting me know where you found me from and what it is that you like about The Diary?

Thanks to you all for reading, and for making my day with your Readership.


Anonymous said...

Did we meet at the gutter? A place which is where our seemingly delightful banter on Twitter tends to fall heavily like a drunken slapper coming out of Yates.

Needless to say, whilst our humour is often banterful with smut, I find your blogs a particularly intersting read because you're insightful, well researched, humourous, open, easy to relate to and a very good listener. For a blogger you don't appear to be consumed by talking without the opinions of others.

And one last thing... there's no pretence. Your words come easily, your opinions true, straight to the point but still engaging from a language perspective. A nice little talent @dungeekin :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I found you on Twitter and came here from that. I like the diary because I know less than nothing about politics and although I don't always agree with your opinion I do find it's put across sensibly and with merits.

Anonymous said...

Ian says it all!

Anonymous said...

I found you on twitter, thanks to @loudmouthman.

I like your blog because you're not afraid to speak you mind. You always seem to research what you're writing about so it's not just pure speculatiom

I have to admit that whilst I haven't always agreed with everything you've written, I do tend to agree on large proportion of it.

Your style of writing is both easy to read, and well thought out. You use long obtuse words in the just the right places to make it interesting. And you write about such a vast range of subjects.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Found you after you started following me on Twitter. Very glad I did, too. Keep up the good work.

Brennig said...

Umm... there is the possibility that your heavy duty stalker might only be me. I tend to fire up a session in the morning and leave it running, revisiting when I have a spare moment, read a little more then flip off to a meeting etc, then revisit later and so it goes.

Hedgewytch said...

I found you via Twitter and came to your blog via Dreaming

I read your blog because you are funny, insightful, well researched and completely on the ball. You have no qualms about calling a spade a spade. I like that ;o)

Anonymous said...

I found you via Twitter too, though not sure how followed who first. Think I came to your blog after you tweeted about a post, I like the way your direct writing style, the wide choice of topics and you often make me laugh - not much more could be asked for a in blog.

Anonymous said...

I found you via El Reg. Server monkeys turning off the wrong (live) server if I recall correctly. I find your blogs interesting, insightful, prescient in some cases (scarily so!) and down right funny. I don't always agree with what you say (it's rare) but I always find what you say (even your rants) articulate, well researched (rants excluded from that - you can't research a rant, they tend to be experience orientated) and enlightening.
Thanks :D