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Monday, December 01, 2008


So the Leader of Haringey Council and one of his sandalista henchpersons have resigned today, Just as the report into the failings of the Council concerned in the case of Baby P was handed to Ministers.

With the number of 'failings' there were in this awful case, the report probably weighs about the same as a small car.

Hmm. Resignation. Which, of course, means the following:
  • No facing the music for their actions;
  • No public censure because the report won't name 'former employees';
  • They keep their pension rights;
  • They get to apply for whichever limp-wristed, child-failing council is currently short of a couple of Grauniad-reading socialist morons - and have 'experience' on their CV.
'Experience', of course, carefully NOT meaning 'experience of sitting on our politically-correct hands and handing out the benefits while a child was tortured to death on our watch'.

Their actions today aren't laudable - they're an act of utter cowardice. Their resignations should be refused - and they should be held accountable, disciplined, stripped of their public-sector payouts and sacked like the useless droids they clearly are.

Cowards both. No doubt more will run away from accountability as the days progress.


Hat-tip to LizS4ra for passing me this titbit from, of all places, the Grauniad! Apparently Balls has grown a pair and sacked Shoesmith. Wonders will never wossname.

I am doing the Dungeekin Happy Dance™ at this development.

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Brennig said...

Actually the two who have resigned (George Meehan and Liz Santry) were not council employees, they were politicians - albeit councillors. So they can't apply to another council, they would have to stand for election. However, as well as the doomed social work staff who are currently clinging on by their fingernails the head of Legal Services will probably fall for a spot of gardening leave just before Christmas and vanish early in to the New Year.