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Monday, December 15, 2008

I Will Not Forget

A few days ago, I and other Bloggers expressed our outrage at the treatment of the family of Ghurka Colour Sergeant Krishna Dura.

Killed in action just four days after Remembrance Day, his service quickly forgotten, his family threatened with deportation.

In a similar vein, I notice that today the MoD is finally doing the decent thing and introducing much greater compensation for those wounded in service. Something I applaud.

However, I also note that the sad story of C Sgt Dura's family has not even been mentioned by Pravda. A search of their news website reveals nothing of the plight of his widow and two young children.

Why? Why is the treatment of the widow of a Ghurka not considered newsworthy? Why haven't the mainstream media picked up on this and challenged it?

Why? Why? WHY?

The story about MoD Compensation has a 'Have Your (moderated) Say' field. I've left a comment asking about Colour Sergeant Dura. If that doesn't get through, I'll post another. And another. And another.

His name was Colour Sergeant Krishna Dura. He served his adopted country for sixteen years. Please go to the BBC page, comment and ask about his family. Let's keep doing so, until this story gets the attention it deserves.


A quick update on this, with a hat-tip to Tim Worstall - for his research, if not his opinion.

Apparently, the family are not automatically granted leave to remain following the death of Colour Sergeant Dura - but they need to ask to remain and it is, apparently, almost certain to be granted (emphasis mine and his).

OK, that's lovely and I feel all fluffy now. Except for one small, teensy pointette.

This man gave sixteen years and latterly his LIFE in the service of this country. Why the hell should his family have to go cap-in-hand to the Home Office and ASK for the right to remain in their country of residence? This man served his country with a damn sight more honour than any bureaucrat, yet the bureaucrats have to grant permission to the wife and family of a hero.

Surely that right has already been earned the hard way?

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AntiCitizenOne said...

I t would be nice if someone with a brain from the MoD were to ask them whether they wanted to stay and did the paperwork for them...