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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good News(ish)

Some Good News this morning from the European Court:

The European Court has done the decent thing and ruled it unlawful to retain the DNA of innocent people on the Police database. Currently, that (according to the Telegraph) stands at 850,000 records (including 40,000 children) of the 4.5 million DNA records on file.

No doubt The Brown Regime will find some way of keeping hold of that data - or of making it so unbelievably difficult to get it removed that most will give up and leave it there, weeping in frustration!

Besides, it'll pretty much be moot anyway - once they've got their legislation through in this Parliament for Police 'identity checks', that will open the door to compulsory ID cards - and can you guess what biometric they'll choose to encode upon the cards?

Your papers, Citizen?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The thing is they've said that they'll continue to keep the (now illegal) records whilst they have time to think about this decision.

Probably just about enough time to pass the law requiring you to produce ID for no reasons. Fail to produce ID and you're a criminal. You'll have been convicted of a crime.

As a felon they'll have every right to keep your DNA on file.