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Friday, December 05, 2008

Review: Wagamama Oxford, 30 November 2008

8 Market Street
phone : 01865 249 183

Noodles shouldn't really be interesting. However, visit Wagamama and I can assure you they will be!

Sited on Market Street, just far enough from Cornmarket to avoid the crowds of Japanese tourists and frantic Christmas shoppers, the cube-shaped exterior and large glass frontage hint at what's to come.

Inside, the blocky theme continues with chunky tables and bench seats, arranged not in the usual clusters of two and four but instead in long refectory-style formations. Of course, being British, we found a spot at a discreet distance from our co-diners.

As for the food - well, this is fast-food Japanese style. The food was very quick in coming, hot, tasty and well-presented, and with portions large enough to satisfy even my stomach.

The Darling G went for the Steak Soba (fried noodles) and I chose the Wagamama Ramen, a noodle soup with chicken, fish, mixed vegetables and the obligatory (pointless and tasteless) Tofu, my feelings on which are well documented. You can see the Ramen in the above photo, and I liked the quirky wooden soup spoon (though it actually made it impossible to eat the soup with any dignity!)

The cost of the meal was reasonable, at £31 including drinks and service. Green Tea was free, which was a thoughtful touch.

Overall, Wagamama Oxford is fun, funky and fast. A good destination for a quick and filling lunch when you're out and about, though personally I still prefer Yo! Sushi overall.

(This review is also published on Dungeekin's Eatings and on Qype).


Hedgewytch said...

I've been to them all over and always enjoyed. I even got a takeway when I was staying in Picadilly for work earlier in the year and that was very satisfactory. It's just hard to find a dish without lemongrass or ginger in lol

Anonymous said...

Yup, was introduced to them in Auckland. Much pricer than McD and even 'Wasabe' but also much much nicer.