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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On Daleks in Business

Completely unrelated to Christmas or politics (normal programming will return shortly), but recent comments on Twitter by loudmouthman got me thinking - what if The Doctor had failed, and the Daleks had taken over the Universe?

Can you imagine Daleks in business and advertising?

Dalek Nivea Advertisement: "You Will Be Exfoliated!"

Dalek Bailiffs: "Your Goods Will Be Appropriated!"

Dalek Santa: "You Will Celebrate!"

Dalek Funeral Directors: "We Will Cremate!"

Dalek Divorce Counsellor: "You Will Both Be Mediated!"

Dalek Zoologist: "This Is An Invertebrate!"

Dalek Accountant: "Your Tax Will Be Enumerated!"

Dalek Painter: "We Will Decorate!"

Dalek Labour Minister: "Our Records Show! A Rise In Living Standards! Do Not Investigate!"

Dalek Police Officer: "You Will Be - Interrogated!"

Can you think of any others? Winning entry will get a personalised extermination by Davros.


Hedgewytch said...

Bug exterminator - "You will be exterminated!" lol

banned said...
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banned said...

Dalek Taxman " you will be investigated "

Dalek Magistrate " you will be incarcerated "

Dalek health spa manager " you will be invigorated "

Anonymous said...

Bit late on this one, but what about a Labour-sympathetic Dalek (probably most of them, as they hate individuality and freedom of choice - and the Daleks think that way, too) saying: