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Monday, December 08, 2008

Why I Love 'Anonymous' Commenters

When I set up The Diary, I thought long and hard about whether I should allow Anonymous comments. I feared I would be inundated with spammers (and that was partially true, but the 'delete' button works well for that). But in the end, I'm glad I did, because anonymous postings allow those in secure institutions to put down their crayons and pick up a keyboard, responding to this recent post thusly:

"They are going to get their pointless, spin-doctoring backsides kicked out come the next General Election."

Not so fast, mate. Have you checked the opinion polls recently? Tory lead down to 1%?

Election February 2009, Brown to win.

Put money on it.

OK, so I'm feeling like 'feeding the trolls' today, so let's just have a quick look at this.

"The opinion polls?" WRONG, Mr Anonymous! One opinion poll (from ComRes) which goes against the others. Rogue Poll? I don't know, but not enough to pin your electoral hopes upon. Unless, of course, you're a rabid, utterly deluded ZanuLieBore voter.

"Election February 2009"? Bring it on, Mr Anonymous. We'll be nicely into our Recession by then, with the Brown Regime completely out of avenues and the unemployement queues lengthening even faster than they are right now. Now I know that benefits claimants tend to vote LieBore in greater numbers than human beings do, but do you really think that those who have lost their jobs in recent months are going to say, "Yes, thank you Mr Brown for f***ing up my life, my kids' lives and my home - more of the same please."?

(Excuse me for a moment while I compose myself. The tears of laughter are making it hard to see the screen.)

"Put money on it". Er, Mr Anonymous, I already HAVE put money on it. My income tax, my National Insurance contributions, the duty on my fuel and other goods. I put money into the coffers of the Government expecting them to do the things that we, as individuals, cannot do for ourselves. The Brown Regime have failed to treat MY money - and that of every other taxpayer in this benighted nation - with the care and respect it should be accorded.

They have bankrupted the nation, harmed the reputation of the Mother of Parliaments, destroyed the education system, crippled the NHS and other public-sector employers with hobbling layers of Righteous (mis)management, and have provided only dishonesty, misrepresentation and spin.

Let them call a General Election. Let them call it in February 2009. Let them wait, and call it in Spring 2010. They will lose, and be consigned to the political wasteland they deserve.

So, dear 'Anonymous' - please, please do keep posting your comments, when the nurses let you out of the comfy room. They add a welcome note of hilarity to my day. Are you a personal friend of 'Dolly Draper', and the 'Rapid Rebuttal Unit', by any chance?

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Obnoxio The Clown said...

You've been visited by Dolly's Trolleys. It's quite a compliment.

Ask him how he feels about sleeping on park benches while his wife fucks other men.

She's quite fit, I'm seriously considering getting in the queue.