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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Your Papers, Citizen?

Today sees one of the greatest traditions of our Constitutional Monarchy - the State Opening of Parliament.

Of course, given the current news it's worth noting that the doors of the Commons are slammed in the face of Black Rod following Charles I's attempt to arrest Members of Parliament. . . But more on that later.

As always, a great deal of the content of the Queen's Speech has already been leaked (with no arrests so far), and one small detail from Sky's coverage caught my eye:

Police will be given powers to stop people on the street and demand proof of identity - even if there are no grounds to suspect they have committed an offence.

So there you have it, folks. Confirmation - after today's Queen's Speech, The Brown Regime will be abandoning any pretence of British Freedom, and will be instituting their dream of a Police State.

Do you still believe that ID Cards won't be compulsory?


Anonymous said...

Are you believing Sky News now? Foolish boy

Dungeekin said...

I believe Sky News a lot more than I do Pravda.


Hedgewytch said...

I guess we got to wait for the Queen to actually read it out. Unless they edit her as the BBC did before