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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tofu - The Taste(less) Sensation!

Now I like my food, as is evidenced from my frequent restaurant reviews. And my tastes are pretty broad - there's very little that I won't eat (other than andouillette, but I think that's a French joke perpetrated on tourists anyway).

But try as I might, I just don't get Tofu.

I know what it is. I know how it's made, and it seems like a very labour-intensive process to create something that tastes of - well, absolutely nothing at all.

I just don't get it.

I can understand why, in the days of starving Oriental peasantry, this may have seemed like a viable option - a substitute for absent meat that, if you half-closed your eyes and really concentrated, you might even mistake for a cube of chicken - but then you put it in your mouth and any illusion is dispelled. You're essentially munching upon a very healthy piece of nothing at all. Yuk.

I just don't get it. If you're THAT desperate to eat something with tofu's taste and texture, may I recommend a handful of polystyrene packing chips? There's little difference in flavour, and it's a lot less labour-intensive to produce.

Review of Wagamama Oxford, who perpetrated the Tofu Outrage upon me, will follow shortly.


Hedgewytch said...

Hmm you know those packing chips? The creamy ones are actually edible. Made of Corn I think; and probably more nutritious than Tofu. Just avoid the white plasticky ones. They will make you ill.

Sim-O said...

Being married to a vegitarian I have tasted pretty much most of the meat alternatives.
Their all pretty bad, especially Tofu.

What my wife uses a lot is Paneer, a type of Indian cheese. I can't remember eating any raw, so can't say what it actually tastes like, but it's good in stir fries and the like. It takes on the flavour of what you're cooking like Tofu etc but has a better texture.

I'm not selling it very well, am I?

My view is, if you're not gonna eat meat, why would you want a meat alternative, especially these quorn 'chicken' style stuff?

Dungeekin said...

I like paneer... in all honesty I don't hate tofu, it just seems a little - well, pointless as well as tasteless.


Roro said...

Andouilette is far from a joke, tho I have my doubts about Haggis ;)

As for Tofu i dont get it either, and when living in Japan didnt help with getting it either, tho it did give me an appreciation of what can be done with it. If you want tasteless mozzarella works just as well and is nicer.

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh!

I eat tofu but i have never thought of it in that way...and now that i think about it, i totally agree.

I introduced my mum to tofu one night, and she took a bite and wouldn't eat anymore because she didn't like it. Strange, i thought because it doesn't taste like anything. How can anyone not like something if it doesn't have a taste...I think it was the texture that threw her off.