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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Go Green, Whatever Your Political Colour.

Via Machiavelli, Tory Bear and The Freedom Association.

Apparently MPs are planning on wearing green ribbons to show their support during the Queen's speech on Wednesday. If you have a blog, website or even a Facebook page then please add this ribbon to it.

This isn't party political. This is about the Freedoms we all enjoy, and most importantly the freedom of the political Opposition to hold the Government to account. Whatever the colour of your rosette, please offer your support.

Otherwise - before you know it there'll be no freedom left in once-Great Britain.


Sim-O said...

Damian Green would've enjoyed parliamentary privelige had he held the Government to account in the proper place, ie the commons, and not in the press.

Did the leaker pass the documents to Damian Green off his own back or did Damian Green ask for/encourage the leaker to pilfer the documents?

Just because he's an MP doesn't mean he is above the law.
Lets see how it pans out, eh?

With regards to the way the police were into his commons office, that is another matter.

Dungeekin said...

Hi Sim-O, and cheers for the comment.

The 'leaker' has already gone on record as stating he was not induced (or 'groomed', to use The Brown Regime's pleasant phrase) in any way, but that he leaked information he held to be in the public interest.

As has happened since time immemorial, and has benefited on Right Dishonourable Gordon Brown on many occasions.

And yeah, my real rage is saved for the abuse of Parliamentary privilege which makes constituency communications private. Clearly that's no longer the case.

Thanks for reading.


Sim-O said...

I must've missed that bit about not being groomed.

Just because it's been going on a while doesn't make it right. MaybeThe Tories should've called the rozzers on Brown.
Just think of the alternative future we could've had with out him...