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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So we saw, on today's news, the sight of British Nazi National Party leader Nick 'Eichmann' Griffin being pelted with eggs, as he had to cut short some pointless interview or other.

No, no, no. This isn't the way it's done.

I yield to no man in my loathing of the odious untermensch Griffin and his shaven-headed Combat-18 henchmen. Racist morons one and all, rank with the stench of Fascism. But it seems to me that this sort of angry demonstration serves little purpose other than to increase the publicity this misbegotten son of Goebbels gets.

While it's certainly gratifying to see Griffin on the receiving end of eggs, stones, bricks or even flamethrowers, what should have been a 10-second soundbite on Pravda is turned into front-page news and a lead spot at 6 O'Clock by the well-meaning actions of people whose intentions I support (if not their actions).

The way to stop the British Nazi National Party is, I think, to deny them our anger.

The BNP are the political equivalent of wasps - hovering around, making a lot of noise and serving almost no useful purpose other than to annoy us. Screaming and flapping around will only excite the wasps, and encourage them to hang around for longer.

So instead, let's laugh at them. Let them have their platforms, their petty speeches, their brief and short-lived moment in the sun. Let Griffin spout his bile on Question Time, or wherever. Don't ban them, don't shout and scream. Let them rant. Then laugh at them.

You want to protest? Laugh at them. Laugh at the deluded, half-blind political wannabe - then turn your backs. Don't give the BNP wasps the gratification of an angry response.

Let's all do it. Laugh at their ravings. Ridicule them, and turn their Party, their people and their policies into the jokes they so clearly are. Then, turn our backs and ignore them. Marginalise them not by anger but by laughter. They'll soon be out of the news, and in short order out of the European Parliament - and then we can ignore them properly.


Constantly Furious said...

Hit the nail on the head; I couldn't agree more.

Hilarious to see the hypocritical delight of many bloggers/tweeters: "Hurray! Today we stifled someone we didn't agree with" ; "We're not going to debate with these 'thugs' - we threw stuff at them to silence them" etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

From the article;

Protest organiser Weyman Bennett, national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said he believed it was important to stand up to the BNP.

He said: "The majority of people did not vote for the BNP, they did not vote at all."

(My bold)

How the fuck is that anyone else's problem including the BNPs? Should have voted then, shouldn't you?

The BNP exist because of the state of the country and the appeasement of radical groups who want us dead, they are a product of our society at this point, in short, we made them.