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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Murray: Nadal Exit My Best Chance Yet

"I really should start wanking with the other hand"

Andy Murray has welcomed Rafael Nadal's shock exit from the French Open, saying that it represents 'a massive opportunity'.

Nadal, the World #1 and winner of four consecutive titles at Roland Garros, was beaten by Sweden's Robin Soderling yesterday, and Murray said that he was keen to rise to the challenge.

"It's a massive opportunity", said the 22-year-old World #3 and British #1. "I don't think anyone could have anticipated Rafa losing in the French Open - it's very much his tournament - and it's vital that I grab this opportunity with both hands. And a racquet, obviously."

Pundits believe that Nadal's exit gives Murray his best chance yet to lose a Grand Slam semi-final to somebody else, with a number of players in the frame to provide the drubbing including Fernando Gonzales and, of course, Soderling.

Murray remained cool about his chances, saying, "It is a great chance for me to lose to someone other than Rafael, and I'll do my very best not to let my fans down".

In a separate development, World #2 Roger Federer has announced that he will not be playing at Wimbledon this year, due to a scheduling conflict - the tournament coincides with the filming schedule for his latest Gilette advert.

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