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Friday, June 05, 2009

Brown to Fight On Despite Cabinet Resignations

You're not invincible, you're a looney.

Prime Mincer Gollum Brown has insisted that he will 'get on with the job', following the shock resignation of another Cabinet Minister last night.

Work & Pensions Secretary James Purnell issued his sensational announcement within moments of the polls closing in the local Elections, calling on Brown to quit for the good of the Labour Party. However, speaking exclusively to The Diary of a Geek, the PM has vowed to fight on.

Clutching our correspondent's lapels, Brown insisted, "I'm getting on with the job. These resignations, while disappointing, are not going to divert me from my course. It's just a flesh wound. 'Tis but a scratch - I've had worse."

Purnell, who until last night had been seen as a potential high-flyer in the Labour Government, declined to comment on the Prime Mincer's statement. However, he denied rumours that he'd been offered a peerage by Alan Johnson upon his ascension to the Leadership, saying, "I haven't discussed the possibility. I doubt you'll see me in ermine, I have no desire to be the Scarlet Jim Purnell".

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