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Friday, June 12, 2009

Caroline Flint Announces New Career

"How dare the PM treat me as eye-candy? It's sexist"

Former Cabinet Minister Caroline Flint has launched her new career today, just one week after sensationally quitting the Cabinet in the middle of Prime Mincer Gollum Brown's reshuffle.

Ms Flint, whose shock departure from the her position on a chaise-longue caused an enormous lack of reaction across the nation, announced her latest venture at a packed Press conference this morning attended by literally three journalists.

Speaking from her silk camisole Ms Flint, who castigated the PM in her resignation letter and subsequent interviews for his 'sexist' Government, said, "I was disgusted by the Prime Minister's sexist ways and had no option but to quit. However, I am delighted with my latest venture, which I believe will bring me to the forefront of the public mind as a serious political figure".

Ms Flint announced that she has signed a contract to appear naked in a steamy photo session in 'Nuts' magazine, and that she has further shoots lined up with 'Escort'and 'Razzle' and movie deals in the pipeline with Color Climax and 'Ben Dover's British Political Sluts'.

Asked by journalists if she had read her contract in detail, Ms Flint said that she had not done so before signing, but that she had been 'briefed on the important bits'. "Besides", she added, "all the important bits are all in my briefs".

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Cate Munro said...

roflmao . . . that's sooooooooo funny!
(If not a little pukey . . .the old bints 47! ;-))

Macheath said...
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Macheath said...

Nice shot, but Flint's hypocrisy is almost beyond parody.

Her next career move shouldn't be into advertising though - the red silk dress she wore at that recliner-based photo-shoot was spotted the next week selling at a heavily marked-down price - seems nobody wanted one after she'd been seen in it.

Lester Taylor said...

Dungeekin its On you tube throat is killing me after singing it and my head is fried from playing all the efin instruments and arranging it and rewriting the song.....oh what I would give to be humble.

Anonymous said...

Dungeekin and The Economic Voice that song has deep meaning to many socialists and I found it very offensive and sacrilegious.