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Thursday, June 04, 2009

It Ain't Telly, It's Big Brother

It's gone on too long,
This freak show of loons and turds,
It's boring and no-one cares,
Who will win,
And it's wrong,
Wrong to air this crap again,
It ain't telly, it's Big Brother.

So on it goes,
Davina will act concerned,
Remind them "you're live on air,
Please don't swear",
And we know,
We hate that Geordie's commentary,
It ain't telly, it's Big Brother.

If we watch it at all,
we watch it with sadness,
That all those taking part,
All seem filled with a madness,
And they should all be smothered....

It's a long, long road
With no point I can discern,
Why not leave those wastes of air,
Locked in there,
And I know,
They'll bang on about Jade, and all,
It ain't telly, it's Big Brother

It's Big Brother,
It ain't telly, it's Big Brother...


Anonymous said...

I've a great idea for another song parody - I haven't the time nor could I do it the justice that you could:

How about a James Purnell and Hazel Blears duet: Please Read The Letter (Robert Plant/Alison Krause)

Hacked Off said...

You're wasted here mate, you should be on the radio or the telly or something....

The Penguin