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Friday, June 05, 2009

A Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

The map says it all.

There's no need, Sir, to recount the many and varied indignities that you and New Labour have inflicted upon this nation. They are well documented, on this site and many others.

So, rather than the usual imprecations, instead I am asking you to do one simple thing.

Look at this map, Prime Minister. Look at it, reflect on what it means, and come to a realisation. You are not wanted.

The bloggers have told you. The mainstream media has told you. Your own Cabinet members and Parliamentarians have told you. Now, the voters have told you. I repeat - you are not wanted.

You say that the country wants you to get on with the job. We do not, sir. We want you gone.

You say that a few rebels will not deter you from your task. It is not a few rebels. Those who resigned, and those who called for you to stand down, were not the voices of a few. They were the voices of the MANY. James Purnell, Graham Allen, Lady Prosser (to name but three in a cavalcade of calls and resignations) were merely the tip of a Parliamentary iceberg. The Labour Party wants you gone.

You say that you will not waver until the job is done. The job has been undone since your uncontested coronation as Leader and Prime Minister. The time has come, Sir, to recognise that your ambition for the post far outweighed your abilities to carry it out.

Look at the map. Realise - please, for the sake of the country you purport to love and the party you purport to serve, realise - that YOU ARE NOT WANTED.

You lack the strategic vision to deliver the society you wish for. You lack the statesmanship to provide the positioning on the world stage this nation deserves. You lack the leadership skills to maintain motivation and authority among your own Cabinet. Most damningly, you lack the self-awareness to see that the Electorate, and your own Party, no longer see you as a competent leader of Government and Country.

With your reshuffle complete, please look around yourself. Look at those you have appointed to leadership roles today. Peter Mandelson, twice forced to resign. Peter Hain, forced to resign over expenses. Glenys Kinnock, unelected EU bureaucrat. In all honesty, can you say that this 'Cabinet of No Talent' is the force that will lead us to your Promised Land of fairness and social justice? I think not. You were simply stymied by the sheer number of your own MPs who said, "enough", and who refused to serve a bankrupt Government with no mandate, no authority and no respect.

If you have the moral and ethical beliefs that you claim, you will reflect on this map and on the events of today and recognise that much as you may have desired the position of Prime Minister, you do not have the talent or capability to hold that position.

Nobody can fault your determination, and you have held steadfast through a period that would have seen many other leaders reaching for the whisky and revolver. But you are not the man for the job you hold.

Please, Mr Brown. Search your conscience. If, as you claim, you love your country and your Party, then do the right thing. Go to the Palace. Dissolve Parliament. Call a General Election. Recognise that this country and your Party no longer want you, have the courage to fight one battle, lose it and step down with dignity and pride. If you do not do so, then your own Party will ensure that you leave your post with neither.

You have sat there far too long, Sir, for all the good it has done. You claim to have a 'Presbyterian conscience'. In that case - in the name of God, go.




Holly said...

Well, I think it's good of him to stay. I do NOT want a Cameron government, EVUR.

Catosays said...

you can add Cato to the list of signatories.

manwiddicombe said...

scribble my x on the bottom too.

Well said sir.

Jock Coats said...

Whilst I totally agree with the sentiment, and the fact that there were four little patches of red that have now disappeared completely on the map above says much in itself, it is perhaps worth remembering that on its own, the map says little. The majority of the population of England are not represented in these areas, and Sunday's results will be I am sure a much more powerful weapon.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Too wordy. Try this:

Dear Gordon,

Piss off, you fucking nutter.


The British people

Anonymous said...

"I do NOT want a Cameron government, EVUR."

How come labour trolls kan't spel?

Lester Taylor said...

If a picture says a thousand words then this picture is a library.

Lester Taylor said...

Obnoxio that's one one way of doing it lol....can we fire you over the gates of Downing street by cannon to deliver it by hand? perhaps we could get Caroline Flint in a Nazi uniform to light the fuse.

Anonymous said...

Obo, even your letter is far to verbose. How about

Dear Gordon




Anonymous said...


Education, educashun, edyookayshun!

lilith said...

You forgot to say what a national embarrassment he is.