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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Musing On Musical Parody

Every week, I get literally no letters and emails asking me about my song parodies and why I do them. So I really should answer the question.

The answer is - I like doing them.

Blog posts and satirical 'news' articles are fun, diverting things and most enjoyable to write. But taking a song, tweaking the lyrics to make it pertinent (and hopefully funny) and, of course, making it scan is much, much harder for me.

It's a real challenge, making words perform gymnastics to fit the flow of the original song. Where a simple news piece can be done and dusted in fifteen minutes, some song parodies like 'I Am The Very Model of a Modern Labour Minister', or more recently 'Reviewing the (Cabinet) Situation' can take upwards of four hours of head-scratching, jiggling and manoeuvring to make them work. Plus, there's the added bonus that my habit of singing them out loud frustrates The Darling G intensely.

So, while I'm sunning myself on the Portuguese beaches, I thought I'd like to introduce to to my musical hero. Unfortunately, Jake Thackray isn't as well-known as he deserves these days - but as a lyricist and wordsmith his talent is simply unparalleled.

I've popped one of my favourite songs - 'Brother Gorilla' up above, and I urge you to also listen to 'On Again' here. Jake's music can also be found on Spotify, and I guarantee you'll giggle.


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1 comment:

Macheath said...

Thanks for that gem! 'lock-up/cock-up', 'enclosure/composure' - he makes it look so easy!

I'm still enjoying catching up on your previous works - some very fine pieces indeed!