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Monday, June 08, 2009

Labour Suffers Historic Election Loss

A fat fascist twat shows the nation how many genital warts he has.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's position is under increased threat again today, after Labour suffered its worst election performance in almost a century.

Results from the European elections saw Labour lose the lead vote-share in Wales in a Parliamentary election for the first time since 1918, and a national slump in support of over 7%.

Labour's overall vote share of just 15% is their worst performance ever in a Parliamentary election, and means that under Gordon Brown, the party is now less popular than venereal disease with the electorate.

An exit poll carried out by DipshitMORI revealed that 64% of those who voted would rather have Herpes than Gordon Brown - a result borne out as the counts progressed during the night.

A straw poll carried out by The Diary of a Geek also strongly supported the results of the official poll. One voter said, "I thought about voting Labour, but then decided to catch Chlamydia from one of the local chavs as a protest vote instead. To be honest, I felt cleaner as a result".

Newly-appointed Health Minister Andy Burnham attempted to cast the Labour result in a more cheerful light, however. Speaking at the Manchester count, he said, "I think we can accept that this has not been a good set of results for Labour. But we have to look at the positives that we can find from this. While it's true that in this election, we were slightly less popular than syphilis, we have Gordon Brown as leader and he's getting on with the job. Doesn't that make you feel confident?".

In a separate development, the British Nazi Party won two seats, including a position for BNP leader Nick Griffin. So he's off to Brussels, and if we've got half a brain we won't let the racist fuckwit back into this country. Ever.


Lester Taylor said...

As I said on Iain Dales's site a few days ago.

"If the BNP wishes to get rid of non indigenous peoples from this land then they will be left with a few of the Welsh, Irish and has been proven with genetic testing most of the "White" population of England are descended from foreign invaders i.e. Saxon, Norman and Roman. So if Nick Griffin or any other member of the BNP is found to have blood outside that of the "Original Indigenous British People" will they throw themselves out of the country?"

.......I would like to add to that has anyone seen the genetic master class he surrounds himself with. To continue this insult which I am about to perpetrate goes against my better judgment but I am bored and I love a bit of fascist bashing.

I have at times sat and watched the BNP on you tube and I have been shocked at the poor genetic stock they are presenting as the master race and to be frank its a bit of a joke. Far be it for me to stand up and call myself a Niche superman I am left scratching my head wondering why he surrounds himself by the most strange looking creatures that have ever walked or talked (The latter is debatable). You would expect some Blond blue eyed Viking types but instead you get the ratty faced or Mr pedophile 2009 in a suit. Quite shocking all round.

Then there is Nick Griffin....the man is barely coherent and his statements could be picked apart by a four year old. Most of his reasoning and justification for BNP policy comes down to the poor downtrodden white in Britain. Where a simple debate on culture could support this argument he instead decides to go for the anti race card. These people are Nazis and make no mistake about it the core of their true ideology comes from Hitler.
Now forgive me if I am wrong but have we not just commemorated D-day and the brave men who laid down their lives to fight against the tyranny of fascism and wipe it from the face of Europe? only to send two fascists a few days later to Europe to represent us.
To those who voted BNP shame on you for you bring shame on those who died for you.

Lester Taylor said...

Oooopppps missed the end bit out that should read.

"To those who voted BNP shame on you for you bring shame on those who died for you by calling yourself British in fact you bring shame on us all"

Anonymous said...

Cretins.You don't know the difference between a patriot and a racist.

Dungeekin said...

Ooooo, an Anonymong! And I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but...

Go on then, genius. What's the difference?

Because it may be simplistic, but it seems to me that if you want to send everyone with a pigmentation problem back to Islamabad even though they were born in Peckham, you're the ones who don't understand patriotism.

Oh, by the way - Nick Griffin's a cunt. And from what I hear, you lot are bankrupt.

The BNP is a stain on our nation.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous things, patriots. My country right or wrong, is their cry.

Personally I prefer to think of myself as a loyal Briton - proud of our nation state, unafraid to criticise where and when necessary.