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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

US Car Makers Announce Further Recalls

An American driver demonstrates the US alternative to using the brakes.

Car manufacturers in the US have announced further recalls following further safety fears.

The news follows a series of recalls by Japanese manufacturers Honda and Toyota over brakes, accelerators and airbags, and reports of cars accelerating uncontrollably or suffering inabilities to stop safely.

As a result, the US Carmakers Association, which represents the interests of all manufacturers selling vehicles in the United States, have announced a complete recall on all motor vehicles currently in use in the country.

A spokesman for USCA said, "it is a matter for concern that the USA has suffered the largest number of safety complaints in respect of accelerators and brakes worldwide.

"Given the general straightness of the roads in the US, the lower average speed limits than most nations and the average IQ of Americans, our research has established that Americans are both too stupid and too litigious to be put in charge of two tons of metal driven at high speed by explosive gases. We are therefore recalling all vehicles currently in the United States for reasons of safety."

The announcement has been condemned by US civil rights groups including the National Rifle Association, who have spoken vehemently about the recall affecting citizens' Second Amendment right to free drive-by shootings, and by the American Automobile Association. A spokesman for the AAA said, "this is outrageous. The right to travel at dangerous speeds on the interstate and then attempt to sue the manufacturer to avoid a speeding ticket is one of the fundamental rights on which our great Land of the Free is based."

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