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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look At Me, I'm Tony B...

Look at me, I'm Tony B,
Rank with insincerity,
You'll be misled if you trust what I said,
Just don't! I'm Tony B!

Gordon Brown has lost his way,
Brought me back to save the day,
But it's his loss
Voters won't buy my dross,
They won't trust what I say!

And don't think (no),
I care (no)
For I'm Tony Blair (oooo)
And my wealthy future is set,
(Dosh, dosh, dosh)
And my only cause,
Is to get my paws,
On all of the the cash I can get!

Labour's time in power's through,
Nothing left that I can do,
Britain is bust,
But I couldn't be fussed,
I live in Tuscany!

Folk of Britain, can't you see,
You don't mean a thing to me,
I've had my rule,
Now you're left with that tool......
Screw you! I'm Tony B!

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Pam Nash said...

You're really hot at the moment - excellent!

Oleuanna said...

It can't be good that I am imagining Tony B dressed in a catsuit can it?

Very good me ole mucker...

reener said...

I think you've found a new talent! That was great!!