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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Satire? We're Past That.

This is difficult to explain.

Having now received a string of emails and tweets asking why I'm not blogging at the moment, I guess I owe you all (those of you who've kept faith, and kept me in your RSS Feeds) an explanation.

The fact is, at the moment there's no inspiration. How does a satirist write, when the subject is beyond satire?

I mean, look at the country. Seriously, look at it.

Our country is, effectively, run by an unelected pawn of Russian oligarchs who has twice been forced to resign due to alleged impropriety. Our country's 'leader' is the subject of heated discussion on the interwebs and mainstream media - not for his statesmanship, but for his choice of mind-altering medication.

Senior politicians knowingly employ cheap illegal immigrants while the Daily Fail rants. Police officers are threatened with prosecution for sorting their own childcare arrangments without Stasi approval. A paedophile is posthumously lauded as a saviour of all mankind, the arrest of a convicted paedophile condemned as an 'immense cultural scandal'.

Racing cars crashing deliberately. The police not responsible for policing the streets.

Even spoof articles - a garage-sale, for example - now have become matters of Goonvernment policy.

If you want to know just how far through the looking-glass we are, we've even had the unbelievable claim that Jordan was raped. The idea that there's a single homo sapien on the planet that she wouldn't put out for really emphasis just how we've descended into a maelstrom of insanity.

But - silly season's now over, our Glorious Leaders have returned to the monkey house, and I am now returning to the fray refreshed, revived and ready to ridicule.

Watch this space.


Inspector Morse said...

That was close! I was about to unsubscribe thinking you had retired from the blogosphere. Nice to see that you haven't.

Brennig said...

Step back from the edge. Like a Doctor, if you get too emotionally involved you will, erm, get too emotionally involved.

Clear as shit but I knew what I meant.

Anonymous said...


Ross said...

Welcome back anyway.