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Friday, October 16, 2009

Choudhary to Lead Unprecedented Muslim March

The BNP's latest Parliamentary candidate on a recruitment drive.

Radical Muslim fuckwit firebrand Anjem Choudhary is to lead 5000 muslims in an unprecedented march across London, it was announced today.

The cleric, known best for his calls for Shari'ah Law and the death penalty for failure to possess a prayer mat, will lead his followers from the Houses of Parliament to the British Nazi National Party HQ at The Mosley Correction Club, W1, at which point all 5000 will join the British National Party in a mass signing witnessed by BNP leader Nick Griffin.

The announcement follows the British Nazi Party's decision to open their membership process to non-white races, as long as the applicant can show a demonstrable history of racism.

In a joint press conference with Mr Griffin, Mr Choudhary said, "this is a great day for bigots across the UK, insh'Allah. The joining of racist politics with racist religion proves that narrow-mindedness and bigotry is not limited by colour or belief, rather by a united and shared stupidity."

Mr Griffin also hailed the development, saying, "this move by the Pak.. I mean the muslims demonstrates that the BNP is now the right choice for Britain's idiots. We stand now as a mainstream Party, offering the opportunity of quality multicultural unfairness to all Britain's morons.

As part of the move the BNP's Constitution is to be reviewed to bring it more in line with the teachings of radical Islam. References to 'ragheads' and other potentially Islamic slights are to be removed, with greater emphasis placed instead on the disempowerment of woman. However, both Mr Choudhary and Mr Griffin said they were in agreement that any bits about being Jewish could stay in place.

Reports that Mr Choudhary intends to stand for Parliament remain unconfirmed.

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