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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BNP to hold Multiculturalism Conference

The British National Party are to hold an open conference to discuss race and immigration in modern Britain, it was announced today.

The conference, titled 'A Final Solution to Multiculturalism' aims to investigate the truth behind immigration statistics and, according to the launch papers, to 'investigate the Immigration Question in depth'.

Launching the conference, BNP leader Nick Griffin said, "this is a tolerant conference from a tolerant, mainstream political party. We have several immigration specialists committed to speaking at various seminars throughout the event, including Jean Marie Le Pen, Jorg Haider, Klaus Barbie and John Demjanjuk, and we have been granted unfettered access to seminal works on this subject by Adolf Eichmann".

Griffin added, "we hope that this conference will show British voters that we are the party of the future, of cultural unity and of peaceful advancement, and that the ideas raised in this meeting will be the basis of our rise to Government and a thousand-year Rei...sorry, Prime Ministership" before goose-stepping off the platform surrounded by shaven-headed stormtroopers.

The Conference is to be held in a suburb of Berlin in January next year.

1 comment:

Pam Nash said...

Sadly, a little TOO close to the truth.

On the bright side, having visited the BNP website for the first time last night, I was immensely cheered by how totally barking they are. Mainstream party? In their dreams. The whole set-up is like an imagining of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for a particularly surreal episode of South Park.

We need only sit back and watch Griffin destroy himself - his fragile mental state was ably demonstrated by his 'hanging' pronouncement yesterday, trumpeted with a fanfare and withdrawn within hours.