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Friday, October 23, 2009

Tight Security at BBC Following Angry Protests

"The public must be protected from the hateful sight of Cowell".

BBC Broadcasting House remains under tight security today following a series of scuffles between protesters and police outside the gates yesterday.

Around 200 angry protesters surrounded the BBC's main gates in Wood Lane, with their numbers increasing during the late afternoon and evening. During ugly scenes, approximately 25 demonstrators managed to break through the Police cordon and enter BBC premises. Six people were arrested, but there have been no reports of charges as yet.

The protests were in response to the BBC's controversial decision to screen 'Strictly Come Dancing' at the earlier time of 6:50 on Saturdays.

Martin Mong, spokesman for Unite Against X-Factor, who organised the demonstration, said, "this is a disgusting, cowardly act by the BBC. They are hiding behind ratings and in doing so are exposing the people of Britain to the hateful sight of Simon Cowell and his parade of dancing gimps. The management of the BBC should hang their heads in shame at their actions".

Asked if the protests had not simply provided more publicity to the X-Factor, Mr Mong added that any action was legitimate in protest, even it it was the same sort of activity that those they despise would use.

A spokesman for the BBC defended the decision, and said that under the circumstances it was the correct action to take.

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