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Thursday, October 22, 2009

BNP Leader Withdraws from Question Time Appearance

Griffin: arrested last night on Hampstead Heath

British National Party Leader Nick Griffin has sensationally withdrawn from his scheduled appearance on Question Time this evening, it has been announced.

A spokesman for the BNP explained that Mr Griffin was 'unwell' and would therefore not be in a position to attend the broadcast. He strongly denied rumours that Mr Griffin's real reason for pulling out was abject cowardice, inarticulacy, views that deserve him being strung up and the likelihood of there being 'darkies' in the audience who might say nasty things.

He also rejected assertions that Mr Griffin's withdrawal was related to his arrest on Hampstead Heath last night for lewd and lascivious conduct.

The spokesman said, "Unfortunately Nick has been taken ill with an upset tummy, and cannot make the show. He's really upset as he really wanted to debate, honest. It wasn't all just a publicity stunt. We know he's not faking as he's got a letter from his mum.

A BBC Question Time source expressed disappointment at Mr Griffin's decision, saying, "it is a shame that the BNP will not be able to debate their positions with normal homo sapiens and the Labour Party. What's more galling is we'd spent a fortune on the set - getting a pillory made and ordering in that much rotten fruit wasn't cheap".

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