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Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh, $DEITY, Please NO!

Seen this morning on BBC News:

EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson is to return to the government, as Gordon Brown reshuffles his cabinet.

Oh, dear sweet merciful {insert deity of choice} NO.

The Goonverment has scraped well past the bottom of the barrel with this one. Does Snotty McBroon seriously - SERIOUSLY - think that we have no memory?

This pillock has had to resign from the Cabinet not once, but twice, both times with the stench of (alleged) corruption following him out of the door.

The Robinson Loan.
The Hinduja Affair.

Is anyone in the business community or the wider electorate, therefore, going to see Mandy as a straight arrow? (No pun or slight on the worthy gentleman's orientation intended of course.)

A laughable, cretinous, truly risible announcement from a Government that's in a corner, against the ropes and on the way down. HM needs to do the decent thing, dissolve Parliament and put this freak-show out of our misery. Proof - as if further evidence were required - that Snotty McBroon lacks any competence whatsoever - despite his protestations that he's 'getting on with the job'.

(Hat-tip to Droopy, a co-conspirator of Guido for the Facebook link to this pic.)

I shall be scouring other potential sources for more information, with more than the usual dread that I get whenever I read a ZanuLiebore announcement of any kind. As of 10:00, Sky News are running it too. Apparently he's up for Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR).

I see that Pravda's on the case - the weaselly Nick Robinson has unfurled his tongue and, in one smooth motion, re-inserted it into Snotty McBroon's crevice:

Peter Mandelson is back. Gordon Brown, for so long said to lack courage and to be unwilling to reach out to his enemies in the Labour party, has now shown that he does by putting Mandy back into the cabinet.

No mention of Mandy's TWO resignations following allegations of corruption.

Right now, to use Rimmer Robinson's phrase, I'm too 'gobsmacked' to put together a rant of adequate proportions.

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Anonymous said...

Re: the picture.
Hopefully someone superglued the lock this time!