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Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to His Old Tricks

It would appear that The Dark Lord has (allegedly) been telling porkies again. Quelle surprise.

After an attempt to engineer a smear attack on George Osborne through his mate Nat Rothschild - one that has failed with the Electoral Commission, despite Pravda's best attempts - it appears Lord Mandy of Spin has, as ever, been economical with the truth about his association with one Oleg Deripaska. Money quote from the Grauniad:

"Mandelson's officials in Brussels, where he served as trade commissioner before returning to a role in the government earlier this month, said the two men met "at a few social gatherings in 2006 and 2007", but had never discussed aluminium, the main source of Deripaska's wealth.

However, Mandelson and Deripaska were seen together at a Moscow restaurant in October 2004, after he had been appointed trade commissioner, but before he formally took up the post."

We're back to the bad old days of spin and sleaze with Mandelson. Bereft of policies or ideas, Snotty McBroon has turned to the arch-smearer himself to divert attention from the truth of the crisis engulfing Britain.

All the while neatly ignoring the fact that while making an issue of a £50,000 donation that didn't happen, ZanuLieBore has quietly trousered over 80 times that amount from one Lakshmi Mittal - an Indian national (hat-tip to Guido).

Lies, more lies and a grasping hand in the till. With Mandy back, ZanuLieBore are definitely back to their old ways.

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