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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brown's Big Bank Bailout

Behold! After boring briefings, the broad brush-strokes of Brown's Big Bank Bailout become bare. Billions of British brass will be brought to bear on the task, and big banks must beg to borrow their bit.

Basically, £50 Billion 'borrowed' by the banks, the brunt of the bill borne by the British taxpayer.

But that is but the basics of a bigger, broader, bastard of a bugbear for us Brits.

The Brown Bureaucracy has brought Britain to the brink of bankruptcy, with big bills beholden by every breadwinner in benighted Britain.

A bill of £24,700 borne by every British boy, belle and baby becomes bigger by £2000 with Brown's Big Bank Bailout.

Blame Brown. By borrowing beyond a balanced basis, Brown's bolloxed British society for both us and those we beget. Britain's Bank Balance under Brown beggars belief.

Banished Boom & Bust? Bullshit. Boom's been banned, there's but Bust to befall Britain.

But the best bit - basically, it's buggered from the beginning. The barrow-boys in business bade it no heed (FTSE burrowing below 4350 as I bruit).

This was billed as Brown's Big Bank Bailout.

It's become Brown's Black Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

Brillian Blog, Blimey !

CROWN said...

That is a cracker. good on you!