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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ultio Ultionis Superne

It's not the network. No, seriously, it's not.

My network is fine. It has a single, relatively simple job. Packets come in, packets go out. Job done.

It's not the network. I'll only believe it MIGHT be the network when one of my switches is a puddle of molten slag on the server room floor, the fire-suppression system's gone into overdrive and your entire staff are evacuated.

Even then, you'd better have done diagnostics on every single Windoze box, wired or wireless, in a three-mile radius of my network.

Specifically in this case, when you've had a power outage, and the 27 dynamically-addressed PCs in the office can't pick up DHCP, you'd best make damn sure you've started the Domain Controller for the network BEFORE you log a trouble ticket with the Networks engineers.

Oh look. You hadn't checked the DC. And it wasn't up. So no DHCP.

OADS will be delivering to your location shortly - I can honestly say that this will hurt you much more than it will me.

Remember this, on pain of pain.

It Is Not The Network.


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