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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Praise of Foxmarks

In common with many geeks, I have more than one computer. In my case, I have three - work laptop (meh), personal desktop/file server and the much-stickered Dell D430 that's my personal laptop and the source of most of the gibberish I spout here.

Now because I sometimes have to work at night, and because my work laptop is a steaming, creaking, barely-functional piece of HP Pentium M crud (and also because I'm lazy) I like to be able to use a personal machine to do so rather than wait three days for the work machine to boot.

So it's important for me that whichever machine I'm on, I can access the same information with equal ease. I've tried but never really got on with it - besides, I have things like webmail accounts with multiple clients that I don't really want to publish on there.

Step forward and take a bow, Foxmarks.

Foxmarks simply synchronises my bookmarks with a central server, meaning that I get the same bookmarks in the same order on any machine I've installed the add-on to. If I add any new ones, Foxmarks regularly resyncs, so the next time I open Firefox on one of the other machines - there they are, ordered and ready to use.

If I'm somewhere else without my personal laptop, I can simply log into my account on the Web and, from there, access and go to any of my bookmarks from any machine with Web access - but without the privacy concerns caused by publishing a public links list as with

Oh, and it's free too, which is a bonus.

I've been using Foxmarks now for about five months, and it's become pretty much indispensable. It's such a simple, sensible idea, well implemented and one that I'd recommend to any Firefox user who has multiple PCs.

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